Boredom isn't Real

Who told you that you had the right to not be bored?

I regret to inform you that you have been ill-informed.

For without boredom, there is no creativity. There is no art without boredom. No movies. No great stories. No great inventions. No accomplishments. No nothing. 

Amazing concepts are not born from noise. 

Boredom is a privilege. And so if you feel it, you must use it. Lest you waste that privilege. 

Let boredom be your call to action. Flip the switch from boredom to creativity. 

Remember? That thing you used to use when you were a kid and had nothing to do? You did not wait for entertainment to arrive at your doorstep. No, because there was no waiting for it when entertainment was something that came from within you. Boredom was your enemy to be vanquished and you would not wait to be rescued. There’s no time. For boredom was a beast you could concur on your own.  

So you made pretend that you were a princess, or a chef, or a wrestler or a ninja. And for that short amount of time, you were no longer bored. Who would choose to be bored when they could be a princess-chef-ninja-wrestler. 

There’s no such thing as boredom. Only boring people.