Only Brave Parents Send Their Kids Here

Having a child is a harrowing journey in and of itself. 

As I often hear Matt Beaudreau say, “I always knew how to be the perfect parent until I actually became a parent.”

It can be daunting, having so much love for someone so dependent on you, having an intense fear of making any kind of mistake to harm or hinder them in any way.  

Mistakes are often inevitable. But one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to never allow your child to make mistakes of their own. 

Acton Academy can be uncharted territory for parents because success requires an ability in the parent to step back and allow their children to fail. That’s terrifying for a lot of parents. 

A mother’s natural maternal instinct is to protect their child. They see their young struggling, and even if its something small the instant first gut response is to help them- to alleviate their pain. It’s difficult to ignore that or act against it. 

But for the good of a child’s development, we often have to take that step back and allow them to work through it themselves. And that takes a lot of bravery from the parent to go against what their natural instincts are telling them. 

Instead of solving the problem for your child, let them know that you support them. Reassure them that you know they’ll be able to find a solution. Help them break the problem down into smaller parts so they can see the problem as not so big. 

But when you take it over, make the problem disappear, your child won’t discover how truly powerful they can be. They will struggle in life when things get difficult and you’re truly unable to assist them. And that is a reality that is even more terrifying.