The Classroom is Out of Style

If I tell you to think of a classroom, what do you picture?

Is it so surprising that it would be desks lined into rows facing front, a whiteboard at the front of the class, a perfect environment for lectures? What if I told you that what has become standard of a classroom actually isn’t the best possible environment for your student? 

It’s true, lecture-style is out of style. In fact, it should have been a long time ago. Parents in growing numbers are abandoning the public school standard and seeking out alternatives, many turning to homeschool. 

This trend is due to a decline in trust in the government-funded program. It’s well-known that America’s education system needs reform. People are graduating less and less prepared for the workforce and as a result, it’s affecting the workforce as a whole. 

People are less prepared because the public school environment is totally different from a working environment. At work, you must learn to self-manage. There’s no teacher who continually reminds you of your responsibilities before their due date. 

At work you have the ability to create your own workflow, it won’t be done for you. Your memory isn’t continually tested and recorded on a report, your performance is. So I’m sure you can imagine how well people fair who have not had to set their own responsibilities. 

So then what is in style?

The best systems are those that show students how to set goals, goals that work for them. They help them figure out what they actually enjoy doing and what they’re passionate about. Plenty of time is dedicated to taking breaks, opportunities to interact with their peers. Students have the flexibility to create a system that works for them. No pressure to memorize in the name of getting good letter grades.

Unlike fanny packs, let’s choose to let restrictive, standardized education to become and remain a style that stays in the past.