The Quality That All Great Parents Provide

Do you actually have the self-awareness to reflect and realize if you’re actually doing this or not? This blog post will have zero value for you if you’re the kind of person who justifies their mistakes or turns a blind eye to their own faults. Unfortunately, it’s those individuals who need this the most. 

You cannot successfully raise an independent, self-accountable, self-disciplined individual if you, yourself are not upholding those traits both within yourself and within your household. 

Acton Placer emphasizes all of those qualities and we expect students to uphold them. But we know that they simply will not uphold them in school if they are not being upheld at home. You cannot have certain expectations of a person, especially a child, at school but then completely throw those expectations out the window when they’re in the home environment. 

It seems as though there is a trend in parenting where schooling is seen as a well-oiled machine that they can just throw their kids into and they come out fully capable adults- no extra work needed on their end. Only the apathetic parent sees it as the school’s job to raise their children and teach them everything they need to know. 

School will not teach your child to clean up after themselves if you’re not having them do so at home. School will not teach your child to place goals as a higher priority than play if you’re not upholding this at home. School will not teach them respect if you’re not actively teaching them respect. 

The opposite is also true. If the qualities and skills you’re actively trying to teach your child aren’t being upheld at school, it’s not going to be a quality or skill your child actually obtains and your efforts will all be for naught. 

Effective parents know that consistency is the most important thing to have when raising a child. 

There must be consistent expectations, rules, and follow-through.  The best parents to work with at Acton are the ones who know this, who actively follow this, and work to create the most consistency for their child between the standards they follow in their studio and the standards they have for them at home. 

The best candidates for new enrollment, are the ones who know that work to create a fully realized human being happens both inside and outside of school. Life education is not limited to the four walls of a school building.