Why in the world would a school put on an event called “No Safe Spaces”?

If you know anything about Acton Academy, you know that we’re no ordinary school. 

Students from different grade levels intermix and collaborate. We don’t do standardized testing. Days are often begun with Socratic discussions. And that’s exactly why we’re so great. 

Our students are given extreme amounts of freedom both physically and intellectually. They carve their own path. We’re merely here to assist and guide them along the way. 

We don’t teach children what to think, we simply teach them how to think; how to intellectually approach situations, how to use rationale, how to consider all sides of a story. 

That’s why we’d collaborate on such an event as “No Safe Spaces”. 

What do safe spaces on college campuses actually represent? The dismantling of freedom of speech and freedom of thought in our country, starting with the next generation to join the workforce. 

The demand for these spaces is driven by the people who attend these colleges, it’s not the colleges themselves who have created this problem, but they are feeding it by giving in to such demands. 

We’re always told that we need to avoid discussing things such as religion and politics and as a result, as a country, have lost the ability to civilly discuss difficult topics.

We want to see a future where individual freedoms like freedom of thought and of speech are protected and upheld by the people of this country, not uprooted by the very people sworn to protect it, and certainly not by a society who has taken away their own rights in the name of remaining un-offended. 

It is our responsibility as Americans to protect the freedoms that were won for us during the civil war and it’s our duty to work together, to use all of our unique experiences to continue to make this country a better place for everyone.

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