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Spark Studio Students

Danielle Muir

Spark Guide

From an early age Dani was known as her neighborhood babysitter which sparked her passion for working with children. She has been working with children professionally for over 15 years in different capacities. Dani has spent the last 10 years as a swim instructor where she became a lead teacher and mentor. The most exciting element about being a swim instructor for Dani was watching the children progress and grow. Dani recently achieved her Montessori Certification and she is excited to pass on her knowledge and start her hero's journey.

In her spare time she can often be found with her fiance James and her dog, Blue. The three of them love to go camping, swimming, and spend time with friends and family. Dani also has a passion for cooking and sharing her culinary creations.

Spark Studio Students

Beth Wells

Threshold Guide

Bio coming soon!

Spark Studio Students

Deana Geiger

Discovery Guide / Head of Program

Deana has been passionate about working with children since she was a child herself, providing childcare to families in the bay area throughout high school and college.

After graduating from San Jose State University with a degree in Social Work, she moved to Sacramento and began providing behavior therapy to children with Autism. She has also acquired several years of experience working in public schools as a one-on-one instructional assistant to children with special needs.

During her time working in the school environment, she realized her dream of becoming a teacher. Somewhere in the midst of her journey to earning a Master’s degree in Education and teaching credential, she found herself intrigued by the idea of allowing children to take charge of their own education.

She began pursuing the minds of exceptional educational leaders and divergent thinkers, including Sir Ken Robinson, Maria Montessori, and Acton’s own Matt Beaudreau. She now asserts that children are capable of directing their own learning and that every child is a genius who carries the potential to change the world if given the chance.

Outside of Acton, Deana is a wife and also a mom to three boys. She is passionate about environmentalism, human rights, and standing up against the exploitation of animals.


Kelsy Blyakherov

Co-founder / President

Kelsy has been working for Acton Academy since the Fall of 2014. Acton Academy and the Hero's Journey is something that she believes every child and adult should have the opportunity to be a part of.

Being the President of the company not only means working with young heroes on campus but with the families, Heads of Programs, and Guides of the heroes, as well.

Kelsy also has experience working in multi-age classrooms with highly individualizing curricula and enjoys the challenge of meeting the needs of each child. Working with blended studios and helping foster relationships makes the day-to-day exciting. Witnessing the growth of the children keeps her passionate about her work.

She worked at the San Francisco Schoolhouse for several years and in the summer months, she worked at Live Oak Elementary as the Lead K-1 Summer School Teacher, also located in the Bay Area.

Kelsy attended San Francisco State University for her college years, obtaining her B.A in Liberal Studies- with an Elementary Teaching Emphasis. Outside of the studio, you may find Kelsy living the awesome life of a wife and mama. She enjoys traveling, running, and camping.

Alyssa Huguley

Operations Coordinator

Alyssa hails from Metro-detroit Michigan. She is involved in a dynamic program called Praxis that helps young adults in their quest to "break the mold" professionally and develop the competitive edge that sets them apart in their careers. This career development bootcamp led me to Acton Academy which shares many of the same components and core beliefs in education that she was surrounded by growing up as a homeschooler.

She is excited to be a part of a community that respects the art of self-learning, ownership, freedom in learning and exploring individuals personal gifts. She's passionate about igniting the excitement in learning and helping others towards their goals. As a natural problem solver, She's always looking for ways to enhance the process and make it smoother. She's happy to get the opportunity to work alongside individuals who value each child's personal journey.

Alexandria Bazan

Marketing Manager

Aly comes to us from a small town in southwest Michigan through a program called Praxis. This program is created for college-age, young professionals who have a competitive edge over their peers as they have a higher work drive and a stronger passion to do what it takes to succeed. Praxis holds many similarities to Acton in that participants learn through doing and carve their path towards their success. During her time here she will work to drive up our social media by creating and distributing our content.

She is passionate about the arts, music, and creativity and strives to use those qualities to create content that stands out from the rest. Having previously been employed at a library, she was elated at the opportunity to continue to work in an environment that stresses the importance of education while also being able to interact with children.

"The thought of a learning environment that incorporates active learning, includes all the senses, and emphasizes a pursuit personalized to your individual gifts, sounds amazing. What kid doesn't deserve that?"