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Spark Studio Students

Elizabeth Coller

Spark Guide

Elizabeth grew up wanting to become a marine biologist but decided to become an educator when one of her own teachers said something to her that changed her life. She started working in education in 2009 and has since created an online community through her blog, Youtube channel, and other social media platforms that have enabled her to reach into classrooms worldwide. She has had the opportunity to share her own story on national platforms and has worked in collaborations with companies like Lakeshore Learning, Samsung, We Are Teachers, and Crayola, sharing teaching strategies and tips with other educators. She believes that every child has the potential for greatness and loves being a part of each child's journey. She loves collaborating with parents, guides, and helping young heroes unlock their potential!

Outside of the studio, you might find Elizabeth enjoying her two boys, paddle boarding on the lake, planting a garden, or building lego sets. Elizabeth came to Acton after being referred by a friend who said, "Acton is unlike any school you'll ever experience". After meeting Matt (Founder and CEO),the staff at Acton, and experiencing each studio, Elizabeth was welcomed on staff in 2021 as a guide celebrating her 13th year in the classroom.

Spark Studio Students

Michelle Wonders

Threshold Guide

Michelle Wonders has built her life around doing what she loves and this next chapter is ready to take flight here at Acton. Her love for inspiring children grew from a young age when she was the neighborhood babysitter, summer camp counselor, and Jr. Teacher in her high school ROP Careers with Children courses. Michelle received her teaching credential from CSU Sacramento in 2008 and married her college sweetheart that same year. They now have three beautiful children, two of whom are crazy excited to attend Acton with her this year.

Over the last 13 years, Michelle has taught TK and First Grade at two different private schools in the area and has more recently had the pleasure of homeschooling her children along with many of the neighborhood kids in her home during these unique times. These recent experiences in education alone have led her to realize that there is so much more out there for young learners.

While not on campus you can find Michelle mountain biking with her family, practicing yoga by the lake, cooking and exploring new restaurants with friends, or hanging out with all the neighbors during monthly block parties in her small neighborhood in Loomis.

Spark Studio Students

Andrew Garewal

Discovery Guide

Andrew has come to Acton Academy after spending the past three years at Leroy Greene Academy in Natomas as a teacher in the Entrepreneurship Pathway. There he created a variety of innovative programs focused on student engagement and design thinking. In partnering with local entrepreneurs, he provided students the opportunity to explore startup culture and support the launch of their own ventures.

Andrew spent 15 years in sales and marketing within corporate and small-business environments. Given his professional experience, he provided a much needed business and entrepreneurial perspective to traditional education. Having shown to be an innovative educator, Andrew was recruited to a pilot program offered at the University of the Pacific with the goal of disrupting the traditional model of education through entrepreneurship. Andrew will be graduating in the Spring of 2021 with his Master’s in Educational Entrepreneurship.

Andrew brings his love of creativity to the studios at Acton in a myriad of ways. His expertise in technology and design have aided in the launching of a 3D Print and Tech Labs. He enjoys guiding heroes through exploration of art, engineering and creative design.

Outside of the studio, Andrew participates in a variety of art, design and start-up competitions. He enjoys coaching high school baseball and is eager to grow the sports programs within Acton Academy.


Kelsy Blakherova

Head of Program & CEO

Kelsy has been working for Acton Academy since the Fall of 2014. Acton Academy and the Hero's Journey is something that she believes every child and adult should have the opportunity to be a part of.

Being Head of Program not only means working with young heroes on campus but with the families and Guides of the heroes, as well.

Kelsy also has experience working in multi-age classrooms with highly individualizing curricula and enjoys the challenge of meeting the needs of each child. Working with blended studios and helping foster relationships makes the day to day exciting. Witnessing the growth of the children keeps her passionate about her work.

She worked at the San Francisco Schoolhouse for several years and in the summer months, she worked at Live Oak Elementary as the Lead K-1 Summer School Teacher, also located in the Bay Area.

Kelsy attended San Francisco State University for her college years, obtaining her B.A in Liberal Studies- with an Elementary Teaching Emphasis. Outside of the studio, you may find Kelsy living the awesome life of a wife and mama. She enjoys traveling, running and camping.

Alexandria Bazan

Social Media and Marketing Director

Aly comes to us from a small town in southwest Michigan through a program called Praxis. This program is created for college-age, young professionals who have a competitive edge over their peers as they have a higher work drive and a stronger passion to do what it takes to succeed. Praxis holds many similarities to Acton in that participants learn through doing and carve their path towards their success. During her time here she will work to drive up our social media by creating and distributing our content.

She is passionate about the arts, music, and creativity and strives to use those qualities to create content that stands out from the rest. Having previously been employed at a library, she was elated at the opportunity to continue to work in an environment that stresses the importance of education while also being able to interact with children.

Alyssa Huguley

Operations Coordinator

Alyssa hails from Metro-detroit Michigan. She is involved in a dynamic program called Praxis that helps young adults in their quest to "break the mold" professionally and develop the competitive edge that sets them apart in their careers. This career development bootcamp led me to Acton Academy which shares many of the same components and core beliefs in education that she was surrounded by growing up as a homeschooler.

She is excited to be a part of a community that respects the art of self-learning, ownership, freedom in learning and exploring individuals personal gifts. She's passionate about igniting the excitement in learning and helping others towards their goals. As a natural problem solver, She's always looking for ways to enhance the process and make it smoother. She's happy to get the opportunity to work alongside individuals who value each child's personal journey.

"The thought of a learning environment that incorporates active learning, includes all the senses, and emphasizes a pursuit personalized to your individual gifts, sounds amazing. What kid doesn't deserve that?"