Will your young hero accept the Call to Adventure?


Beware, dragons lie ahead

Ordinary World

Our hero begins their story, predestined forso much more than perhaps they may evenbe aware. More than they believe themselvescapable of.

Cross the Threshold

The call to adventure comes knocking on our hero's front door, and they know it won't be without its challenges. Bravely, they step  outside of the world they know and enter into the unknown.

Meet the Mentor

The hero encounters a wise figure who prepares him for the journey. The mentor's job isn't to teachthem the "what", it's to support them in figuringout the "how".


Now, having prepared, our hero, and often his allies, have come to the edge of the dangerous place where the "object of the quest" is hidden

Challenge / Ordeal

The hero faces their biggest fears. Every challenge he has endured thus far has led them to this moment.Will he succeed in the ultimate trial?


Our hero prevails and takes possession of the object =  the best treasure of all - self-awareness and growth.


The triumphant hero returns to the ordinary world bearing a heightened level of love, freedom, wisdom, or knowledge.And the cycle begins again.

Ready to cross the Threshold?

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