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Childhood should be about the discovery of self. We are a place where kids are free to be kids while learning how to be kind, passionate, and powerful individuals capable of changing the world. By utilizing the latest technology and educational methods, we help empower our heroes to be their greatest selves every day.


Childhood should be about the discovery of self. We are a place where kids are free to be kids while learning how to be kind, passionate, and powerful individuals capable of changing the world. By utilizing the latest technology and educational methods, we help empower our heroes to be their greatest selves every day.


The Call to Adventure comes knocking on the young hero’s door, and their interest is sparked to life. Here, the hero’s love of learning is nurtured and inspired, exploring their days with a strong sense of independence and taking in the value of what it means 
to be kind.

Spark studio is typically tailored to ages 5 - 7 years old.


The hero accepts their journey and crosses the threshold from the ordinary world into the special world. The pursuit of growth becomes tangible with challenging yet attainable goals. Heroes will begin to come into their own, stretching their abilities, learning to lead, communicate and collaborate with others, and building the relationships they’ll need on their journey.

Threshold studio is typically tailored to ages 7 - 11 years.


The hero begins to uncover the skill sets and qualities that set them apart. All that they have learned so far- the experiential joy of learning, the value of kindness, communication, setting and achieving goals- all of it combines to challenge our hero to the next level in their journey: Not just getting the job done, but getting it done in excellence.

Discovery studio is typically tailored to ages 11 - 14 years.


Our hero has faced many challenges up to this point and has come out on the other side. Now comes one of their biggest challenges yet: High school. 
As the hero prepares for the end of their journey and the beginning of the next one- whatever that may be- their final and most imperative quest ensues: Finding a calling that will change the world. Launchpad studio is typically tailored to ages 14 - 18 years.

Childhood should be about the discovery of self. We are a place where kids are free to be kids while learning how to be kind, passionate, and powerful individuals capable of changing the world. By utilizing the latest technology and educational methods, we help empower our heroes to be their greatest self every day.

What makes us different


Our environment creates
a strong sense of self. Heroes have the freedom to set goals that challenge them as individuals in both academics and passion projects. 
They have the ability to work in any way that enables them to be the most productive toward their goals. Each and every person is treated as an individual, on their own unique journey.

Critical Thinking

It is not our job to teach young heroes WHAT 
to think, but rather HOW to think for themselves.By utilizing the Socratic method, Heroes are challenged to listen to
 and question different ideasbig and small, hear from people of a different position, investigate the ideas further andformulate their own intelligent conclusions.

Growth Mindset

Our Heroes strive 
for greatness and they’re hungry to improve in any way that they can physically, emotionally, academically, etc. 
We harbor a culture where we believe everyone is capable of achieving all 
of their goals. With such a strong community of support, commitment,discipline, and hard work, these qualities become things our young heroes are proud to take on.


Every individual is a genius. But what kind of genius- that’s what we help them discover. Heroeshave more opportunities here than anywhere else to discover what they’re good at, what they’re passionate about, how they can develop, and how they can use those specialties to their advantage.

Entrepreneur Mindset

An entrepreneur knows what they want out of life and they’re not afraid to go out and get it. Students learn how to think like an entrepreneur by building their small businesses and seeing first-hand the true benefits of value creation. This enables them to be well-equipped for the workforce or even establish a true business of their own.

At Acton Academy, we believe that learning to do, learning to be, and learning to learn are more important than memorization alone – learning to know.

Our Team

Elyse Mackall

Spark Guide

Elyse is a graduate from Acton Academy Placer where she developed her leadership skills and joy of working with children. She learned the importance and relevance of hands-on learning and applicable life experiences, in addition to the development of professional connections with fellow heroes and staff. This growth allowed Elyse to assume a leadership position in the yoga and mindfulness classes, as well as gain independent experience with childcare and childhood development.

Elyse’s growth also comes with several milestones and achievements. She spent a year training under the guidance of Rachel Ogden, our former Spark guide, followed by a position as the Lead Guide of the Sprouts Studio. In 2020, she also received her 95-Hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Training certification from Divine Light Yoga. Lastly, Elyse recently completed the Montessori Early Childhood Teacher Training Program, a program focused on the principles and practices of the Montessori Method. The method includes training with practical life skills, sensory development, language arts, mathematics, science, and Montessori theory with children between two and six years of age.

In Elyse’s free time, she enjoys outdoor activities, like hiking and backpacking. Memorable moments include rock climbing in Yosemite and Zion National Park. During the winter season, she loves to ski and snowshoe. But overall, Elyse values spending quality time with family and friends.

Krysla Trask

Threshold Guide

Krysla Trask Joined the Acton Team in fall 2020. Before that she was working as an Art and Creative Movement teacher in Auburn California. Krysla loves fine arts and dance. In her free time, she can be found paddle boarding on Folsom Lake, hiking with friends, catching some waves or singing. She is passionate about working with Elementary age kids and helping every individual find their voice.

Riah Dunlap

Discovery Guide

Riah grew up in the foothills of Northern California and attended the Live Oak Waldorf School. In the fall of 2020, Riah was pursuing her elementary teaching credential when she connected to Acton Academy Placer. The rest, as they say, is history. In her free time, Riah enjoys movement, hiking and backpacking, traveling, and cuddling her two cats, Storm and Cleo. From her own life experiences, Riah has learned that challenges lead to growth and that the ability to overcome obstacles is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and our youth. She loves being a guide in the Discovery Studio!

Krista Pulsifer

Launchpad Guide

Stepping back in time a few (or twenty) short years, Krista moved to the big apple and had the privilege to experience big city living through the high life of artistic, and culinary (sometimes hot dogs from a cart) culture. She had the opportunity to study musical theater at a conservatory of the Arts for four years before taking the daring move across the Hudson River to New Jersey (no it is not the armpit of America although manhattans would highly disagree) where she was involved in planting a church.

After moving back from across the country Krista spent her days nannying for a couple who became like family as well as teaching and studying dance during the evenings. Four years later Krista met her husband, Jackson and became a mom to the first of four daughters, three of which attend Acton Placer. From then on she mom'd hard and became a peanut butter and jelly extraordinaire for eight solid years before she put away my messy bun and began adulting (sort of) at Acton Academy Placer. Krista adores these kiddos and says that this has been an amazing season of growth and connection for her family and herself.


Kelly Goodwin

Head of Program

Kelly’s professional career path began in marketing, but when her husband Jason was deployed to Iraq she found herself compelled to find her real passion. She shifted trajectories and began working as a special education teacher specializing in students with Autism. Once Paige and Palmer (AKA her Two Peas) came along, she decided to stay home full time and focus on her family for the next 9 years.

Kelly resumed her teaching career with Folsom Cordova Unified School District where she was awarded teacher of the year. She has always been an advocate for her families and students, but found something seriously lacking in the traditional public school education model. Her own children seemed to be withering on the vine until, thankfully, she found Acton Placer. She watched as her children slowly began to light up and want to go to school again. Kelly noticed changes at home too. The Two Peas were transforming- taking on more responsibility and, best of all, they were becoming friends again. When the opportunity to join the team was presented, Kelly was elated to begin this next great adventure in her life and she feels fortunate to be a part of the greatest movement in education.

Kelsy Blyakherov

Co-founder / President

Kelsy has been working for Acton Academy since the Fall of 2014. Acton Academy and the Hero's Journey is something that she believes every child and adult should have the opportunity to be a part of.

Being the President of the company not only means working with young heroes on campus but with the families, Heads of Programs, and Guides of the heroes, as well.

Kelsy also has experience working in multi-age classrooms with highly individualizing curricula and enjoys the challenge of meeting the needs of each child. Working with blended studios and helping foster relationships makes the day-to-day exciting. Witnessing the growth of the children keeps her passionate about her work.

She worked at the San Francisco Schoolhouse for several years and in the summer months, she worked at Live Oak Elementary as the Lead K-1 Summer School Teacher, also located in the Bay Area.

Kelsy attended San Francisco State University for her college years, obtaining her B.A in Liberal Studies- with an Elementary Teaching Emphasis. Outside of the studio, you may find Kelsy living the awesome life of a wife and mama. She enjoys traveling, running, and camping.

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